I want to welcome you to this website.  I was a New Testament Christian years ago but found that something seemed to be missing and not everything made sense, especially Paul. There seemed to be contradictions about things  he said, or so I thought.  So I spoke to my pastor and he answered my questions and they still didn't make any sense until I spoke to an Hebraic pastor and everything that he said made sense.

The information on this website is of The Lord. This is his website. It's just that he has blessed me with the opportunity to manage it.  We can all praise The Lord for loving us enough to give all of us his wedding ring, his marriage covenant from Genesis to Revelation.

There are a number of teachings on various subjects that you can use for studying and when talking to people so please take your time and browse the subjects on here and check out the marketplace for purchasing various teachings and music. Be sure to check out the Weekly World update by Lion and Lamb ministries and their Friday night Sabbath service.

I also have an online weekly Shabbat service on Saturdays in the Eastern standard time zone. If you don't have a fellowship in your area and would like to join us or receive info please contact me at:  bhtravel7@icloud.com